Rebelde Review: A mediocre remake of such a teen drama (2022)

In 2004, Mexico published a famous telenovela by the name of Rebelde. Stretching on for three seasons with 100+ episodes a pop, the escapades of students at a prestigious private school hugely gripped the country.

In 2022, in an age of endless sequels, reboots, and spin-offs, it may be unsurprising to see a Rebelde remake on Netflix. Capturing the heart of the original’s epic plot and distilling that into an 8 episode series was never going to be simple. In that way, Rebelde does sometimes feel the weight of expectation.

However, if you’re looking for a heady mix of teenage drama and music, Rebelde has a lot to offer, even if it does fall flat at times.
In its simplest form, Rebelde plays out like a blend of Glee, Elite, and Control Z. The idea relies on students attending Elite Way School. At this renowned facility, only the finest musicians survive. With the lucrative reward of joining the Lyrical Excellence Program on the line, these youths are compelled to team up and win the Combat of the Bands to claim a position at the exclusive table.

This covert hazing gang has been around for a long and aims to hinder our main protagonists every step of the way.
If I am being honest, it is a pretty stupid concept, and their objectives are never fully evident until the last episode, so prepare to be in the dark regarding what is going on for vast chunks of the run-time.

Thankfully the adolescent drama is enough to ignore it, with a decidedly soapy tone and basic but compelling storylines for youngsters. Some of the characters are underdeveloped, such as Dixon, who never completely defines himself, yet others, such as Luka, are well-developed and have considerable personalities.

Predictably, Rebelde is another trope city. There are so many cliches and obvious love triangles; Tiny squabbles briefly heighten the tension, and the normal misinterpreted betrayals accompany them. Usually, I would be pretty judgmental about this (and I have been on a couple of the recaps), but since the adapted work thrives on these types of occasions, it is easy to ignore a little bit, even if some of the plots seem a touch blase.


season 1 poster rebelde series

As a big fan of the original film, I was excited to see the new Netflix series. I am so glad I did! While the cast is stunning and the script is superb, the show’s main problem is its brief duration. This implies there is not enough time to introduce new characters. Instead, it jumps right into the meat of the plot. The series’ ties to the original film may be seen in how the cast interacts with the narrative.

As a telenovela aficionado, I was delighted to see the “new generation” spin-off. It is an intriguing notion that combines Elite, Glee, Julie, Phantoms, and The West Wing. Despite the show’s flaws, I loved the cast and recommended it to other fans. If you are interested, you can watch it on Netflix.

Watch Rebelde Only On Netflix

This 2004 drama followed a real-life pop group with a cult following. The musical has now been converted into other languages and sold millions of records. The sequel to the program will premiere on Netflix on January 5, 2022. It will focus on a new generation of musically talented students at Elite Way School. The characters in the series have a strong relationship, which contributes to the original telenovela’s ongoing popularity.

I enjoyed both the performers and the plot. The narrative was engaging, and the characters were well-developed. While I was not very thrilled with the plot, I found the program amusing. I loved the characters and their interactions. However, there were a few clichés and cliches to contend with. Finally, I believe it is worthwhile to investigate. If you like this genre, you will probably appreciate this show.

While the first season features a strong cast, the plot has a few problems. While the main characters are all wonderful, some are somewhat familiar. Despite the ethnic differences, the series is nevertheless highly predictable. It is not a stunning show, but its chemistry and plotlines are fantastic. The main characters in this drama will make you fall in love with them. The same is true during the second season.

Rebelde season one is not for everyone, despite its impressive cast. It is more realistic and contains different characters than the original. If you like Latino dramas, Rebelde season 1 is for you. If you like Netflix TV series, you will enjoy the show, and it is worth a watch if you enjoy this genre. The show has a fantastic cast, making it a must-see.

Rebelde season 1

series on netflix

Fortunately, Rebelde season one has a strong cast. Azul Guaita Bracamontes portrays Jana Cohen, while Franco Masini plays Luka Colucci, who performs the same role in the original. While the model has not been publicly confirmed, the series will follow the first season’s story arc, retaining the spirit of the original series. Moreover, considering the show’s diverse group of characters, it is certainly worth watching.

“Sabrina,” unlike her predecessor, is a telenovela that features a range of adolescent dramas. This show is a cross between Glee, Elite, and Control Z. The plot revolves around pupils who attend the Elite Way School, a prominent school for exceptional musicians. After all, it is difficult to join the game if you do not win fights!

While the show’s teen-friendly characters are appealing, the series also highlights the inequality between affluent and poor children. It is critical to remember that, although EWS students were formerly privileged, their present condition in school is entirely different. While it is not a typical high school student, it represents the actual world. The teen-oriented program has a diverse cast and student body.

While the new series’ characters are lovely, it is difficult to say if the program is appropriate for children. As a teen, I enjoyed television shows with strong female characters. I do not care whether it is a drama or a comedy; I want to watch films with strong female characters. This was no exception, and it was my favorite Netflix program.

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