Valimai’s Whistle Theme | 2021


Yuvan Shankar Raja’s latest composition for Ajith Kumar’s upcoming Tamil action-thriller Valimai has been released on YouTube. The song “Nanga Vera Maari” highlights the movie’s music. You can download the full version of this song for free on any legal audio platform. However, be sure to avoid downloading it illegally from torrent sites. However, you can listen to the music on YouTube in its entirety.

Ajith Kumar is the lead in the action-thriller Valimai. The film’s composer is H.Vinod. It’s set to release around 2022 for the Pongal festival. Karthikeyan plays the antagonist, while Huma Qureshi plays the heroine. Besides Ajith, other essential cast members include Pugazh, Yogi Babu, Sumithra, and raj Iyyappa.

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The teaser for Valimai, starring Ajith, was released on Tuesday. Fans immediately started asking about the song’s new strength. Today, 22nd Dec 2021, the official announcement came at around 3:30 pm. While most of us are excited to hear Ajith’s new song, it is also essential to know the story behind the tune. The film’s OST is filled with many music and songs that showcase the movie’s message of unity.


The upcoming Tamil movie Valimai has released the official whistle theme. It is 1-minute 41-second picture footage with Ajith. While the song itself does not reveal the film’s plot, it has already generated a lot of buzz on social media. If you want to know more about the upcoming movie, check out the trailer below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family if you like the song! You’ll never regret it!


After announcing the movie’s title, the makers of Valimai also unveiled the teaser video. The film’s whistle theme will be featured in the film’s opening credits, and the song will be played for the first time on the big screen. The film’s makers are also planning to release a song titled “Whistle Theme.” While the music does not reveal anything about the story, it does give fans a sneak peek into the movie.


The makers of Valimai have unveiled the official theme song for the upcoming Tamil film. The tune is titled “Whistle Theme,” one-minute 41-second picture footage with Ajith and Huma Qureshi. The song hasn’t revealed the movie’s storyline, but it has already stirred social media. While the movie’s story is still unknown, the whistle theme has been released in a video with a teaser for the upcoming Pongal festival.

The whistled theme in Valimai is a unique and original song. This song is a classic song in Tamil and viral in India. It’s also used in various popular Indian films, including Ajith’s ‘Naanga Vera Maari’ and “Mother Song” ‘Paa.’ The music for this film has been adapted from famous Tamil songs.

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