iPhone 14 Rumours Revealed

iPhone 14 rumours suggest that Apple will ditch the notch favouring a hole-punched front camera. The company could also move the Touch ID sensor under the display, and the new handset could feature a more durable titanium alloy body. Other changes to the iPhone 14 are expected to include larger screen sizes and Wi-Fi 6E. There’s no telling what features Apple will consist of, but one thing’s for sure: they’ll be revolutionary.

Iphone 14

The iPhone 14 could also ditch the notch and have a more modern design. According to a leak, the display notch is still too large for a modern smartphone. Instead, it will have a punch-hole front-facing camera. Compared to other smartphones, the notch is a bit chunky. Regardless, the rumour mill has made its first predictions. So, how do the upcoming iPhones compare to their predecessors?

The 14 will likely have no display notch. Punch hole could replace the notch with a punch-hole front-facing camera. This approach is already used on Android phones. However, it may be too bulky to appeal to many iPhone users. While we can’t predict its appearance, the top edge will likely be more significant than the bottom edge.

iphone 14

The 14 will also likely have a more significant display edge, improving the current model. In addition to the display edge, the iPhone might have an improved Face ID system, with sensors under the screen. Regardless of the design, it will still have a notch on the front, chunky by modern smartphone standards. While Apple hasn’t released specific details about its leaks, it has hinted at some of its potential improvements to this phone.

Rumours abound about what the 14 might look like, and The stories say that the Phone will have a punch-hole camera instead of a notch. Despite the words, it is unlikely that the iPhone will have a display notch that is too thick for the display’s rim to be usable. But a notch is a good thing because it keeps the smartphone’s screen edge and prevents bending.

Aside from the notch, Apple is expected to bring back Touch ID. iPhone 14 may not be an in-display sensor, but it will be a part of the device. It will also be integrated into the power button on the side, which is another positive change and is not clear whether the iPhone will adopt this approach or not and is still too early to tell. It is hard to predict what the iPhone will look like, but a notch-less iPhone will be a big step forward for mobile phones.

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