Anushka Sharma’s Chakda Xpress Teaser Out From her Twiter Account | 2022

Anushka Sharma has released a new teaser from her upcoming film, Chakda Xpress. Prosit Roy directs the biopic based on the life of Indian cricketer Jhulan Goswami. Clean Slate Films is producing it. Anushka Sharma will play the title character. The film is the first Bollywood biopic on women’s cricket.
The film, directed by Anushka Sharma, is a biopic based on the life of Jhulan Goswami, the first woman to captain an Indian cricket team. The story centers on a young Jhulan who struggles to become a successful cricketer. The biopic follows the life of this pioneer and her journey toward success. The movie’s teaser is a glimpse into her remarkable journey and the tough times she faced in her life.

Anushka Sharma As Jhulan Goswami In Chakda Xpress

 Anushka Sharma  jhulan goswami chakda xpress teaser

The biopic will follow the story of Jhulan Goswami, the fastest female cricketer in history. While dealing with misogynistic politics, she climbs to become the world’s fastest bowler. The film is now under production and will be available on Netflix. The first trailer for the film was posted a few weeks ago on Instagram. The full-length trailer will be available shortly.
The teaser of the upcoming film, ‘Chakda Xpress,” has fans buzzing. The actress’s debut in Bollywood is a welcome return for Anushka Sharma. She was earlier seen in Prosit Roy’s horror film Pari. Together, these two will provide their fans with another fantastic experience. This is a must-see for all Anushka Sharma fans. So go ahead and check it out.

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Anushka Sharma announced her upcoming film on her Instagram account. The film is based on the life of Jhulan Goswami, who was a former Indian cricketer and authored the history of women’s cricket in the country. After her son Vamik, Anushka Sharma’s teaser for ‘Chakda Xpress’ was released. The teaser is an introduction to the character.
The film’s teaser is a short film that introduces the character of a young Indian cricketer. Jhulan Goswami was a controversial figure and is now a well-loved sportswoman in India. The film is directed by Prosit Roy and stars Anushka Sharma. Anushka Sharma is the lead in the movie. The film’s teaser reveals that, Karnesh Sharma, and Anushka.

The teaser of Chakda Xpress is an inspirational and moving trailer that shows how the star became a famous cricketer. The biopic based on the life of former Indian cricket captain Jhulan Goswami is set to be released on Netflix in 2022. She shared a sneak peek of the teaser on Instagram. The teaser also features the title of the film and the woman dressed in a red Indian cricket shirt.

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