12 Top Places To Visit In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | 2022

Tourism is the activity of individuals who travel from one location to another for pleasure, business, or other reasons outside of their typical surroundings, whether from city to city or nation to country. In past years, you may have gone to Saudi Arabia for business or employment, but tourism was forbidden. Hajj and Umrah pilgrims were traditionally confined to Mecca and Medina, but Saudi Vision 2030 has pushed foreigners to explore tourism.

Riyadh should be on your list of sites to see while visiting Saudi Arabia. It is the country’s capital, and it is rich with gorgeous and unique sights, fascinating activities, and leisure opportunities. It is Saudi Arabia’s biggest metropolis and one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

As the winds of change sweep across the city, this location is no longer a safe haven for conservatives. After 35 years, the Ministry of Culture reopened movie theaters and cinemas in Riyadh in 2018. Because Riyadh is one of the finest tourist sites, UK nationals may now go on a tourist visa.

Note: Muslims may now fly to Riyadh to conduct Umrah via Umrah Packages from the United Kingdom.

Riyadh’s Top Tourist Attractions:

  • Skybridge in Kingdom Tower
  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia
  • Masmak Fort
  • Deera Square
  • Najd Village
  • The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque
  • Murabba Palace
  • Dira Souq
  • Edge of the world Riyadh
  • World sights park Riyadh
  • King Abdulaziz Historical Centre
  • Diriyah

Skybridge in Kingdom Tower

Skybridge in Kingdom Tower

This tourist attraction is situated on the 50th level of the Kingdom Tower, Riyadh’s third highest structure. The Kingdom Center Mall, which sells both local and international luxury brands, is also housed in the tower. Although the weather in Riyadh is normally clear owing to the desert environment, the view might be blurry and dusty. Therefore, try to visit when the weather is clear. It’s a spectacular sight to see Riyadh at night from this vantage point, when the whole city glows with various colors.

Saudi Arabia’s National Museum

Saudi Arabia's National Museum

The museum has a large collection of artifacts that assist visitors in understanding Saudi culture and its people. At this museum, which has been voted the “Best Tourist Attraction Place in Riyadh,” visitors will discover ancient fossils, historical architecture and structures, pre-Islamic trade routes, and items from Arab dynasties.

Masmak Fort

Masmak Fort

Masmak Fort is a large fort composed of clay and mud bricks that is one of the most historically significant structures in Riyadh. It was constructed in 1865, under the reign of Al-Masmak (means strong). Under the command of Ibn Saud, the fort was used to retake the city of Riyadh in 1902; now, the fort serves as a museum that helps tourists learn Riyadh’s history. The museum is free to enter. However, check ahead of time to see whether the day is for Families or Singles.

Deera Square

Deera Square

Deera Place, also known as Chop Chop Square, is a contemporary public square where sinners are decapitated rather than hung. Following Friday prayers, police and other employees vacate the plaza in preparation for beheadings. ۔ While seeing the beheading is not for everyone, it is an excellent area to observe youngsters run and play with water springs.

Najd Village

Najd Village

Tourists believe Najd village to be a foodie paradise. Foreigners from both western and eastern nations may sample a variety of foods in this town. Traditional cuisine is a country’s legacy, thus tourists may learn more about Saudi Arabia’s past by eating traditional foods.

Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

al rajhi grand mosque riyadh

The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque in Riyadh is one of the city’s most famous buildings and attractions. It is the largest mosque in the city and is recognized as one of the modern Islamic architectural wonders. The Al-Rajhi family contributed to its construction. The Al-Rajhi family is one of Saudi Arabia’s wealthiest non-royal families. A visit to this location will give you a glimpse of the city’s current Muslim religion.

Murabba Palace

murabba palace riyadh

If seeing an Arabic palace has long been on your bucket list, a trip to the Murraba site should be at the top of your list of things to do while planning your Riyadh itinerary. The palace of splendour was Monarch Abdul Aziz’s old house and royal court. He is regarded as the first king of modern Saudi Arabia.

This royal castle is an intriguing sight that depicts the history of Saudi royalty. An old courtyard house and a collection of classic automobiles, as well as the old majlis and an ancient water tower, can be found in this vast castle.

There is also a reconstructed mosque based on the royal mosque that was once used by the palace. The center is recognized as Riyadh’s cultural heart. The center is comprised of many historic structures located across the city, notably the Al Masmak Fortress and the Murabba Palace complex.

Deerah Souq

Deerah Souq riyadh

Deerah Souq is located in the city’s ancient quarter, near the Al Masmak Fort. It is also known as Deerah Gold Souq because of its prominent Gold Souk portion. In the tiny streets, there is a lengthy line of modest stores. Shops are classified or grouped so that customers may shop and bargain in the same location.

This is a buyer’s delight! Along with gold and silver shops, there are carpets, antiques, presents, traditional attire, props, and even furniture stores. They will go from shop to shop until they discover a cheaper product. The majority of store proprietors speak English, so language should not be a barrier.

Edge of the World Riyadh

The Edge of the World (Jebel Fihrayn) is a bright and beautiful natural wonder located in Riyadh’s northwest rocky desert. Riyadh is about 90 kilometers away. The location is perfect for day outings or overnight camping getaways away from the city. One of the best places to visit in Riyadh and the best place to go hiking in Riyadh.

World sights park Riyadh

World sights park Riyadh

This odd and little show takes you on a fantastic journey throughout the world. It features small replicas of world-famous monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. There are other Saudi sites to view, such as Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. If travelers visit this city, a vacation to Riyadh may involve a world tour.

King Abdulaziz Historical Centre

King Abdulaziz Historical Centre

The King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, which is next to the National Museum, is regarded as one of Riyadh’s most distinctive tourist attractions. It spans a large area and has multiple exhibits that examine diverse themes such as the history of Saudi Arabia, the ancient and modern Arabian Peninsula, the link of man to the cosmos, and the history of Islam and other Arab civilizations.


Diriyah riyadh

It is situated on the city’s northern fringes. Diriyah is situated on the city’s northern outskirts. Diriyah was originally the home of the Saudi Royal family as well as the first Saudi capital. The UNESCO World Heritage Site was one of the largest towns in the Arabian Peninsula until it was demolished and subsequently destroyed in the late 19th century after a year-long siege by the Ottomans between the Saudi troops.

This city has become a renowned tourist destination where visitors can get up up and personal with the ancient mud building, as well as the various parks and intriguing sites such as Saad bin Saud Palace. This Palace is well-known for its lovely courtyard.

There are other tourist attractions in Riyadh, such as the Al-Faisaliya Tower, the Riyadh National Zoo, and the Riyadh Water Park. As a result, the greatest Riyadh trip may be undertaken with the proper advice. It is now feasible to get information about anything via the internet. However, one of the reasons for the fraudulence of tourism is that tourism may be tough. As a result, everyone should take advantage of the finest travel agency that handles the traveller’s concerns throughout the voyage.

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